A summary of our main websites

This page provides a SUMMARY about our various websites. Our websites are packed with information aiming to answer all sorts of questions about the depravities of Muhammad, his Quran, his version of Islam, the shocking reality of Sharia Law, and much else besides.

www.InTheNameOfAllah.org contains several hundred pages of detailed and well referenced information, based entirely upon the Arabic & Muslim sources, gathered over two decades of research.

www.al-Rassooli.org is our main current website offering links to some fascinating, though often shocking, material as well as the master index (with links) to our Koran Blogspot (a backup of our talks that were deleted from YouTube to please nervous Mohammadans). One listens to more than 280 “Chapters” (short talks) and learns a vast amount about Islam! It’s also of great interest to read the many comments our listeners post. Please join them in online discussions and of course “rate” and “favourite” all those chapters you find helpful.

We have a new profile on YouTube AhmadsQuran5, but haven't re-loaded many of our talks and its a shame because there were literally thousands of fascinating discussion threads associated with our many talks (all lost one day in an instant when the apparently pro-Islamic YouTube crew arbitrarily deleted our previous AhmadsQuran3 channel). We’ve always been in danger of being shut down by them (as we have been before) just for telling the truth. We therefore created www.the-koran.blogspot.com as a backup.

We regularly log on to AhmadsQuran5 on YouTube so if you'd like to contact us via their Private Messaging service or chat online with us that's a good way to do it!

Our newest and most exciting project is www.Ummat-al-Kuffar.org (or www.U-al-K.org for short) – an attempt to unite the 80% of non-Muslim Humanity into a single supportive global community to save its individual members from becoming One by One victims of Muhammadan Islam.

We have also registered a number of other domain names including www.KafirandProud.org (and www.ProudKafir.org) - these are sister websites to www.UalK.org